Friday, October 22, 2010

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

And all athings, whatsoever ye shall bask in cprayer, believing, ye shall receive (Matt. 21: 22). Throughout the scriptures we see many references saying similar things. If we ask the Lord for something, he will answer us unless we "ask amiss" (James 4: 3). One thing that is important in all of these scriptures is it tells us that we must ask first, then we will receive. It has been my experience that if I am not willing to ask the Lord for help, or ask for knowledge to be given to me, I won't receive it. So why is it that we must ask? If the Lord loves us, as he says he does, wont he give us whatever we need? Occasionally he will, or he will try at least. On many occasions Christ taught the people his gospel. Yet people did not listen. Why is that? Why didn't people want to hear the words of the Savior of the world? They didn't care, because they didn't know how important it was! They didn't know, that without the Gospel of him whom they rejected, they would not be heirs of salvation. How many times do we do that? We don't ask the Lord for help, or knowledge, because it isn't important to us. We, simply put, do not care what the Lord has to offer us. The reason we must ask, is so that we are ready to receive. We show the Lord that we care enough to listen, and then to act on what he gives us. Let us care enough about what the Lord wants for us to ask for it. Let us strive to listen to his teachings and follow them. Let us desire to better ourselves and ask for the Lord's help. If we truly do this, he will answer, he will help, and we will grow in faith, knowledge and happiness. I know the Lord is there and that he does answer our prayers.

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  1. I enjoyed this post. I recall my own times of receiving aid or revelation from the Lord after asking for it. The Lord really will bless those who come to Him.


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