Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Know It's True

Have you ever tried to prove something to someone, and even though they couldn't explain it, they wouldn't give up and say that you were right? I remember me and my brothers would argue all of the time about something because both of us were sure that we were right. It could be anything from trying to prove that my brother said something to how much money a certain profession made. There were even times that I would keep arguing even when I was proven wrong. I could always find some sort way to get out of being wrong.

 This week I began to wonder, how many times do we argue with God? He can answer our prayers and tell us that something is true, but sometimes we just ignore what he says and stick with our own knowledge. Sometimes we agree with him at first, but when we decide we don't like the truth anymore we hide it from ourselves. We tell ourselves exactly what we want to hear. Let me give a personal experience. One time I had bed bugs, which are the WORST! At first I didn't know that they were bed bugs. I kept getting some sort of bug bite, and I wondered if they were bed bugs (there were people who told me it probably was), but I didn't believe it. I would check a couple spots in my bed, but when I didn't see them I was sure that they weren't there. Well finally I got sick of getting bit so I decided to do a thorough investigation and guess what I found... bed bugs.

The voice of the Holy Ghost is kind of like the bed bugs (and not in the annoying way). We have to really be looking for his whispering to find it. What we really need to do is be open to the truth and look for it. Don't pretend to look for it by just looking at the surface either, but do a thorough investigation. If you really look hard enough then you will find the truth.

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