Saturday, July 23, 2011

On God's Path, Comfort or Trial?

"I used to go to church every Sunday, pray, read my scriptures, ect... But ever since I stopped things have been going better." This is a question that has come up on my mission a few times, and I have always had a hard time answering it.  It's hard to show people that even though things are seemingly easier when you don't live the gospel, it just isn't true!

I have an example with the jobs I have had in my life. The summer after I graduated from high school I got a full time job for the first time. I spent the next three months working really hard, and wishing that I could have things a little bit easier. I went to school and the next summer I had a harder time finding a job. I spent a while looking and during that time I played a lot. I would go golfing or just do something around the house. It was really easy and relaxing, but I remember thinking, "I feel useless!" Even though my job the first summer was hard and I wasn't really fond of it, deep down things were much better than when I didn't have a job.

The peace that the gospel brings isn't the easy way we think we want, but it is the way that lasts. If we want to be happy it requires living all of God's commandments. I know that living the gospel is truly worth it, and even though it isn't always easy, you will always find greater peace and happiness from it than you will from other paths.

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