Saturday, January 15, 2011

Parable of the Sower

Today in my scripture study I was reading about the Parable of the Sower in Mark chapter 4. Christ tells about a a sower who spreads seeds across the ground. Some of the seeds go off to the side and birds come and eat them. Some of the seeds landed on hard ground, and immediately started growing, but then because they had no roots they withered and died when the sun came. Some of the seeds were surrounded by weeds and were choked off. Some of the seeds however, found good ground, grew strong, and brought forth fruit.

It was really interesting to me, and so I tried to figure out what it meant. I had a few ideas, but as a read on I found the true meaning. People sow the word of Christ. Sometimes as soon as people hear Christ's gospel, Satan comes and immediately takes it from them and it does not enter into their hearts. Sometimes the gospel enters into people's hearts, they receive it with gladness, but they don't strengthen their roots. When the trials and hardships come, they aren't stalwart and are offended. Some of the people are "choked off" by the riches and lusts of the world. Then there are the people who receive Christ's gospel and endure to the end.

At first I related this to missionary work. There are going to be the people who don't want to hear and who don't accept it, but then there are the people who embrace it with their whole hearts. To watch that seed of faith grow and blossom in people is an amazing experience. Missionaries aren't the only ones who have the opportunity to see this. We can all share the gospel with our friends. But we can't be discouraged when one of the seeds we sow doesn't land in the right place. If we keep sowing seeds we will be able to find those who are prepared to nurture it and allow it to bless their life!

Then I applied it to myself. What type of ground am I? I think sometimes I am good ground, but other times I harden a little. Or maybe I allow some weeds to come in and harm the word of Christ inside of me. It was a great experience to look within and find the things that keep me from being fertile ground. There are some great things to learn from this parable and I hope we will all take a look at the ways we can be better sowers and receivers!

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  1. Thanks for the message--something we can all apply. Cameron shared this message in Sacrament meeting at the Senior Care center this morning.


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