Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be of Good Cheer

Being on a mission in Montana means the you are going to be cold. This past month to month and a half temperatures have been low (somewhere between -30 and 10 degrees). The snowstorms have come one right after another. It sometimes seemed like winter will never end. The past week has been very interesting. Early in the week things got to be pretty warm, and for the first time in a long time, I thought the winter might actually end sometime. Then yesterday it got really warm (32 degrees) and that got us really excited. After that first day of warmth it got much colder that night, and this morning we got another 6 inches of snow.

Sometimes life is the same way. We are burdened with something that may seem like it will be there forever. Then when we catch a glimpse of what things could be, and it goes away it is easy to get discouraged. The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ however tells us to "be of good cheer!" Despite how cold things are now, spring will come and the warmth will be back. No matter how badly off we feel we are, if we keep our focus on Christ, things will get better!

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  1. Being cold all the time can also give you an appreciation for the warm times. Without having been in such freezing cold, you would not have appreciated the 32 degree day (wich is colder then anything I have experienced on my mission). Perspective is everything. There is always something to be happy about and grateful for! Nice post Elder!


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