Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Qualified- having the abilities, qualities, attributes, etc, necessary to perform a particular job or task.

This is an interesting word. When someone applies for a job, they have to be qualified for it. They have to be able to do the job well, or the employer will choose someone else. If you want a drivers license, you have to be qualified to drive. In any instance, if you want to be trusted by someone you have to qualify for that trust.

Without being qualified though, we have no room to act or decide. Sometimes we try to venture into things that we are not qualified for, and we are hurt because of it. If you were to go to an unfamiliar forest that was easy to get lost in, you would need a guide who knew the area well. The guide would have to know the path to take and the dangers along the path. If someone claimed to be a guide and they weren't qualified for it, you could get lost or seriously injured. It is the same way with life. If we aren't qualified to lead and we try, we can lead others along the wrong path. The world is a place with many paths, and many guides. Not all of the paths are correct, and not all of the guides are qualified.

In the journey of life, look to those who are qualified. God is the only person who knows the right path, and those who he qualifies are his prophets. They have the knowledge of what we need to do, and where we need to go. Many claim to have the truth. In these days we have so many differing beliefs that it can be confusing. But what we have to remember is that no one is qualified to lead us through life except those chosen by God. People may find a different guides that seems to make sense, they may find different paths that look easier, but the only safe path is shown by the Prophets of God.

Heavenly Father has promised us that  if we ask him, he will let us know who is qualified. He asks us to read the manuals (scriptures) he has given so we are aware, and then to follow the guide that he has provided. I know we have a prophet here today. He is our guide through life.

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