Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham had to be one of my favorite books as a child. If I ever had a chance to have someone read it to me, I would take it. The story is pretty simple. The main character spends the whole book trying to convince Sam I Am that he isn't going to try his green eggs and ham. He is given many situations to try it, and he consistently refuses to try it. At the end of the book, he finally tries it just so Sam I Am will leave him alone. Suprisingly he decides that he likes it! He tells about how he will eat it anytime, and anywhere.

I can relate a lot to this, because I have never been a big fan of trying new things. Now lets be honest, green eggs and ham is pretty strange (refer to picture). If I saw any green food, you would have a hard time getting me to touch it. Generally green food means it has been out on the table for WAY too long. So because of things I have heard, ( I haven't ever actually tried moldy green food) I would stay away from the green eggs and ham.

 I think we all have a tendency to stick to the things that we are comfortable with. It is easy to say, "I'm good, I am content with what I have." This is especially easy if we have heard bad things about something. If we don't go out of our comfort zone and try it for ourselves, we may never find out that we are missing something good. We have our own "I AM" trying to get us to listen to him. He gives us the gospel, and asks us to just try it, "Prove me now herewith." He promises that it is good, and if it isn't then we don't have to eat anymore. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good. It is the best thing that we could ever "try out!"

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  1. Perfect timing for Dr. Seuss's Birthday! And perfect message!


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